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Body contouring surgery is not designed for weight loss

Overweight can be caused by a lot of different factors (pregnancy, eating habits, etc.) and is associated with health issues as well as an important psychological complex in most cases. In order to regain a normal weight, simples methods are recommended : exercising and eating healthy. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, some patients are too overweight to see conclusive results with these methods and predispositions to weight gain differ from one patient to another.

A lot of patient have this misconception : thinking cosmetic surgery can help them lose weight, slim down their abdominal and waist areas. Cosmetic procedures essentially treat anatomical issues, not excess weight. Furthermore, weight gain followed by weight loss can be significantly detrimental to a cosmetic procedure’s result targeting the stomach region. Typically, surgeons recommend reaching a normal and stable weight before considering surgery to remove persistent fat deposits and other imperfections.

Improving body contours after weight loss


Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that selectively removes fat that hasn’t been affected by weight loss. Liposuction is performed with micro cannulas, which are inserted in the targeted fat through short incisions. Since body contours are distorted by excess fat, liposuction can complete the patient’s weight loss efforts by revealing a toned and tinned figure.

Tummy tuck

When the stomach region is carrying excess fat with moderate excess skin, liposuction can be considered as a standalone procedure to correct body contours. However, when a patient presents with significant excess skin or muscle distention, tummy tuck is usually necessary to correct body contours and restore normal skin tension.