ear surgery in tunisia

Answering frequently asked questions about ear surgery

At what age can children undergo otoplasty surgery ?

Ear surgery can be performed as soon as the ear has finished developing. On average, the ear reaches its adult size around the age of 7, which can vary from one child to another. Surgeons usually recommend waiting until the end of puberty for this procedure.

Is otoplasty surgery painful ?

Ear surgery only causes minor pain in the vast majority of the cases. Patients report discomfort more than pain. Painkillers can be prescribed if needed to alleviate any postoperative pain.

How long for the incision to fully heal ?

Wound healing can be more difficult for adolescents, which is why surgeons recommend waiting for the end of puberty. In most cases, one to two months are necessary to be able to see the definitive result. Note that the incisions are well hidden behind the ears.

Can the ears protrude again after surgery ?

This happens very rarely, but it is still possible when the ear is accidentally folded on itself and sutures are ruptured. Precautions can avoid these types of accidents such as wearing a bandage day and night to maintain the ears pressed against the skull.

How long is the recovery ? When can I go back to work ?

Depending on your type of work, 1 to 5 days of rest are necessary. The same goes for children and school, which is why it is preferable to schedule the procedure during holidays.

How do I clean myself after surgery ?

You can shower as long as you do not get your hair wet, because the bandage has to stay in place for a few days (3 to 6 days). When the bandage is removed, you can shower normally again. Water and soap are beneficial to scars healing normally, provided the incision sites are rinsed and dried properly.